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12 Years
For the recent, we have been deeply engaged into the problem solving of corporate governance and business value management.
IFRS | Integrated Reporting

We are the Financial Consulting Group ReKa. We believe that timely and high quality financial statement is a fundamental tool for understanding, analysis, and managing business value.

Having acknowledged this, in 2003, a team of former Big4 employees offered the economic community the assistance in achieving transparency and efficiency of corporate accounting and reporting processes as a starting point of value measurement and management.


Since then, we have helped a big number of medium and large companies to elevate accounting and reporting processes to the international level, to positively endure the Big4 audit, to automate the accounting and analysis processes, and, thus, to improve the economic information transparency for the management and the shareholders, and to successfully go through IPO proceedings.

We firmly believe that quality of the very process of integrated corporate reporting creates a sustainable competitive advantage within any business. This is the advantage of timely and deep understanding of what is happening inside and outside the business.

We are the best at doing this…
With the help of technical toolkit, our experience, and professionalism we:

We are professionals of the systematic process of the preparation of high quality and timely IFRS financial statements and integrated reporting Our approach is to use the most effective and affordable tools to maintain the transparent, logical, and effective process of preparation and analysis of corporate reports. For this purpose, we use the most popular software products and solutions, but for the sake of efficiency, we transfer all interaction to the most effective to date corporate information sharing platform – SharePoint based-on portal.

build the effective mechanism and the process of collecting and processing information
offer formats, accounting policy, and methodology of corporate accounting and reporting according IFRS
accompany the audit of the prepared financial statement in the Big4 audit companies
help to prepare reasonable management position on controversial or complex issues of IFRS accounting methodology
perform deep analysis of the business strategic position and help management identify the
potentials for the business value maximization
automate the collection, exchange, and analysis of information by the most simple and understandable Microsoft tools, through writing simple macros, the design of logica
directly prepare financial statement and train clients’ employees methods and technique of IFRS preparation in accordance with best Big4 practice
As a result, we offer our clients much more than just prepared financial statement. We share our knowledge, technology, and experience! We share all the accumulated database and file sharing structure! We also give confidence to the management in its own power to cope with the increasing demands of external users for quality and timeliness of corporate reporting.
We are the team!
Today, we have distributed teams in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, New-York and Hanoi. We are united by common ideas, culture, goals, and our SharePoint (Microsoft) based-on corporate portal which is located in a private cloud and helps us to store, share, and handle information efficiently. We are really advanced technologically and methodologically and are no way inferior to the Big4 teams, that has been constantly confirmed during the joint projects with all Big4 auditors, as well as by the recommendations of Deloitte, E&Y, PWC, KPMG, and Mazars partners.
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